We all know the importance of eating healthy, but what about the other factors in life that play a huge role in our health? 
Most deodorants out there are loaded with aluminum. What's wrong with aluminum?  To start with, aluminum is a metal. It is used as the antiperspirant and goes directly into the pores to temporarily clog the pores and prevent you from sweating.  Aluminum is known to cause Cancer, Alzheimer's Disease and MS.  We put deodorant on every day... sometimes twice a day!  Think about how much aluminum you are putting into your pores on an annual basis...
Besides the aluminum, most deodorants just don't work! There are different types of sweat.  Your body sweats based upon temperature but also due to stress.  Stress sweat always seems to smell the worst.  With All Me, you will find that it works on any type of sweat.  You can even put All Me on top of a stinky armpit and the smell will go away!  Some people even use it for their kid's feet! 
It is safe and non-toxic.  The cool thing is that it really works!!!!  The combination of various oils, essentials oils, etc...  brings us back to old school.  No worries... safe for women, men and children!
Try All Me. You will love it!

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